Think Tank Fiker Institute Launched in Dubai

Fiker Institute

This is a solid one guys. Dubai Abulhoul, the Emirati author, columnist, and Rhodes Scholar, launched the Fiker Institute – a Dubai-based interdisciplinary think tank covering international affairs, public policy, and global governance.

The guys at Fiker Institute have launched 6 research programs with the aim of producing cutting edge research on the international community’s most pressing issues.

More importantly for my creatives – the Fiker Institute is inviting writers, poets, and artists in the region, and across the globe, to engage in this new and bold dialogue. You can submit your proposed topics and publications through the institute’s website (

The Research Programs

There are 3 Regional programs which include:

  • West Asia and North Africa, which aims to decolonize narratives surrounding this region
  • Europe, which seeks to explore the question of national sovereignty versus multilateral cooperation in the European Union, and
  • North and South America, which seeks to study how institutions in that part of the world are being weighed down by racial inequity, polarised political parties, and gun violence

The other 3 programs are Thematic and include:

  • Diplomacy and Global Governance, which aims to study the disruption of diplomacy in light of the changing nature of global affairs
  • Gender Equality, which explores the nuances behind the challenges that women still face around the world today, and
  • Climate Change, which analyses sustainable adaptation and resilience models drawn from different regions

Through a multi-faceted approach and an interdisciplinary framework, Dubai Abulhoul’s mission for the think tank is to develop a platform that sparks two-way dialogues between the Arab world and the rest of the international community to test ideas, debate constructs, and advance deep intellectual understanding. If this is up your alley then get involved!

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