Are You Falling For Clickbait Titles? The Answer Is Yes If You Are Clicking On These 3 Tricks

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I can’t stop myself from doing it. I read the title and I click even though shallow down inside me I know they are just dragging me into their world through trickery. Yes, trickery of clickbait. Those bastards pull you in like the charming salesperson who woos you into their shop but then they turn out to be a spy and you wake up in a torture cell half way around the world. The pain is real and leaves you feeling ashamed – reminding you of the time you spoke up in class to answer a question posed by your teacher only to have everyone laugh at you because your answer was as incorrect as the electing of Trump as President by the US population.

Fear not you lost souls. If you are falling for any of the below then get ready to break that habit. Make sure you don’t miss number 4, it’s life changing! Here we go people:

I cuddled a cockroach. You won’t believe what the cockroach did next

The cockroach looked at me straight in the eyes, whilst simultaneously checking out the piece of steak it wanted to attack next (did you know they could do that with their eyes?), and said ‘dude, you gotta stop making up these stories about talking to animals. If you do, you’ll be astonished at how people treat you’.
Let me tell you that that blew my mind. And made me realize how I keep falling for these ‘Shock’ titles where they have an interesting premise and then promise that there’s more to the story and that it will be super astonishing.

This 50 year old riddle will set you free from Clickbait. 90% of the people got it wrong

I realized how intelligent I am when I realized the ‘shock’ trap. But self-esteem is a bitch and before I knew it I had doubts again about my intelligence. It might have been because of the taunting by my friends about my talking cockroach. Luckily I came across a few quizzes online that I solved and which proved that I had an IQ of over 150. Take that doubters.
It felt doubly good because I felt like some of those questions seemed similar to stuff from my 3rd grade Math text books and back then I couldn’t answer them. Not only am I smart, I am growing smarter by the day. Good thing I had loads of these online challenges to prove it.

I started applying this ONE trick and no longer had any clickbait issues

People don’t like being tricked. But people like tricks. We all want to know the trick behind the magic. Most times I’m disappointed once they tell me what the trick was because it’s so obvious and mundane. Like when I found out this whole time my friend was pretending to be the voice for the cockroach.
Now you’re all good to never fall for any clickbait stuff. Unless you want to coz sometimes it feels great.

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