Dream Job for a Social Media Enthusiast – The Roving Reporter

Rove Hotel Dubai

So guys, apparently the perfect job does exist! Rove Hotels is inviting an Instagram-savvy traveller to spend six months to capture the making of a new world at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Definitely sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The dream job is paid with all costs covered too! Check out the details they’ve sent out:

The Roving Reporter assignment will give you an opportunity to document Expo 2020 Dubai first-hand with access to a lot of stuff. This would include tons of action-packed events, trying out heaps of exotic food, attending larger than life daily shows, national day celebrations, witnessing mind-blowing innovations, and more. To add to the thrill, the Roving Reporter will also have access to exciting events happening simultaneously at other Rove Hotels’. And you’ll be getting front row seats to cool attractions, events and activities happening across the whole of Dubai.  

And check out these details. They’ll be taking care of all your travel costs. The Roving Reporter will have access to the best facilities. This will include Rove’s creative hubs such as the podcast studio, the #RoveWithNikon studio, and use Nikon’s premium gear to enhance their experience. The Roving Reporter will receive AED 5,000 remuneration on a monthly basis, free accommodation at one of the Rove Hotels’ in town, complimentary meals at The Daily restaurant and other outlets around the city. Best of all, you’ll have bragging rights and social media exposure across Rove channels.  

Want to Apply?

Here’ss what they’re looking for in the person. As the Roving Reporter, you will be a creatively fueled individual with excellent photograpy and videography skills, creating amazing content for social platforms including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

If you guys want to apply then email media@rovehotels.com together with your portfolio or social media channels before 12th September 2021. I really think the winner will get a lot out of this opportunity so do give it a go. Good luck people!

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