International Food Delivery Day

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This is a good one guys. On September 8th, Deliverect, a scale-up that connects major delivery companies directly to restaurants by POS system, is celebrating the first annual International Food Delivery Day (IFDD) in collaboration with its customers. This new holiday honors everyone who make food delivery possible.

Whether a restaurant worker, driver, owner, vendor or customer — this day shines light on everyone who continues to support the restaurant industry, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate, Deliverect will be hosting events in major cities around the world. This will include giveaways, special menu items, music and more.

During the pandemic, food delivery saw a 79% increase in online orders in the first quarter of 2021. This nearly doubled the forecasted growth rate globally. This is a stat Deliverect saw come to life when the company helped to process an average of more than 1 million orders per week in the last year. That’s a 750% increase from the year before!

“When Deliverect was founded in 2018, I knew food delivery would be a key part of restaurants operations, and success,” said Zhong Xu, co-founder and CEO of Deliverect. “As a result of the pandemic, the food delivery industry went into hypergrowth. With online food delivery services expected to reach $192.16 billion (£140b) in 2025, it is safe to say that food delivery is here to stay. Today, the team at Deliverect is thrilled to see the first ever International Food Delivery Day come to life to celebrate everyone who works very hard to ensure customers get to enjoy their meal deliveries.”

How do I celebrate?

I’d encourage everyone to take part in celebrating to show support for food businesses around the world. Here are some suggestions:


  • Support your favorite restaurant and delivery platform
  • Share pictures of your favorite delivery foods on your social channels and tag your favorite restaurants
  • Give a special thank you to your delivery driver, server or other restaurant staff
  • Attend the IFDD events and celebrate together


  • Offer special discounts on delivery platforms for IFDD to create awareness towards end consumers and help your restaurant customers
  • Use your social media channels to create buzz, tagging the partners you are most grateful for!
  • Give out t-shirts, stickers or other swag to your customers and staff

Get Involved

For more information on how to participate in any of the International Food Delivery Day activities, check out 

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