Salman Qureshi

Dubai Comedian Stand Up ComedyComedian | Actor

Hey guys, welcome to my website. In this little window that I have of your time, I hope we connect and become more than strangers (I’ve tried rewriting this several times to sound less creepy. So far I’ve failed). Seriously though, I hope we cross paths more often in life and may those moments be meaningful.

Here’s some truth about me – I love comedy. Making people laugh is a privilege and I count myself lucky for all the opportunities I’ve had at trying to achieve that.

For the last decade or so, I’ve had the chance to work alongside other big names in the industry and on very fun projects with brands and whatnot. I’m stating these facts to impress you because every artist is needy that way – and also hoping you’ll take the time to watch the content I produce online and in live shows!

I also enjoy making money from my art. It allows me to continue to produce more work and continue to entertain people. Feeds the family also! So do me a favor and subscribe to any of the below. Every little bit is very much appreciated. Take care and lots of love – Salman Qureshi

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