The only 3 things you need to do to get in Shape!

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It’s still early enough in the year for us to fool ourselves into thinking that we will get in shape this year. THIS YEAR for sure! And so the gyms are busier and memberships are selling like hot cakes (made without sugar and flour of course). You will have googled health and fitness, best workouts and healthy meals at least a few hundred times by now as well. I’m here to save your time. In the process I will attempt to destroy the fitness industry like mass media is trying to destroy Bernie Sanders. People, here are the 3 things you need to do to get in shape!

Look, these 3 things are all you need to get yourself to a place where you can finally wear those clothes you’ve held onto for years in the hope of fitting in to them someday. I am here to tell you that you can. It’s time. Do this:


Stop Eating so much


Get in shape fitness health


But Salman nutrition, calories, sugar, blah blah blah. Guys, you can sort out that mess later. Your first step is to stop ordering the extra large value meal from Mcdonalds. Go to regular. Let’s start there. How about not having two donuts everyday. Have one. Minor important changes are better. You will surprise yourself how that cascades into bigger things before you know it. 

The problem is everyone is an expert on nutrition nowadays. We read two blogs and and we are now all aware. And God forbid we stop to think it over. Nope, it’s preach time people. And it gets so complicated that before you know it, you’ve found yourself back at the drive thru coz your deprived of sugar brain cells can’t muster up the will power to stop you from eating that burger. Attack the Mac!


fat girl eating fast


So stop thinking about it. Just look at what you’re eating and give half to your dog. This way if it’s bad for you at least you’ll go out together. Happy ending. 


Stop watching TV all the time


3 things to get into shape


Or whatever other device you’re hooked on to. We all know that we have 15 minutes somewhere in the day to take a walk. Seriously. Forget the gym, forget having to change your clothes, and forget how tired you are from work. I understand how tough it can be having to sit on a desk and pretend to work on that excel sheet for hours. But a walk requires you to just get up and move your legs. Nothing fancy.

I know we don’t want to fall behind the gazillion TV shows we must absolutely watch. You don’t want to have to be in a conversation with colleagues without the discussions around the latest episode. It won’t take you long to realize they are as interesting as listening to paint dry. But the price you pay is worth it because you’ll be able to walk around without constantly having to suck in your gut. No longer will you have to worry about your shirt button potentially turning into a missile in the midst of a meeting which hurls towards your client’s eye rendering them blind and unable to sign the deal. Walk!


Cat Walking GIF MEME

                                  If he can, you can


Sleep, you little beauty


3 things to get in shape fitness


Basically the irony is that those who try getting on with less sleep end up having to go into a longer sleep earlier. As a parent I have come to respect, nay, honor with all my heart my sleeping time. Protect your sleep time like a man tries to protect at least one area of his house from being turned into a beautiful chic space. It may seem futile at times but the fight is worth it people!

If you are like the many who take sleep lightly then read these 6 reasons listed by the Harvard Women’s Health Watch piece on why you shouldn’t: Importance of Sleep 

You’ll realize they all add up to your ‘I don’t feel like going to the gym’ feeling. Basically just get some rest ya all. You’ll feel more energized to do everything else. It’s that simple. 


Go to sleep blog


That is IT! Everything else is based and built up on these 3 basic ideas. But you only need these 3 things to get in Shape. Once you get the hang of the above you can go speak to nutritionists and trainers all you want about chiseling your body. Stop going online and trying to find information otherwise. 


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