Spiderman and the Burning Amazon Jungle

Aargh! What the hell is happening to the world. We are losing our minds over the spiderman issue. And at the same time we are losing our oxygen because the Amazon Forests are burning down. You know what it all comes down to – corporate greed! Both issues and in fact a lot of our issues are coz of Corporate Greed. I’m having to think about going vegan because corporates have turned eating meat into a sin. Granted it is a grey line with spots of blood on it anyway but now it’s just messy, like the slaughterhouses that corporates use to kill the animals. I love burgers, why is all this happening to me?!

While I’m at it, I’m going to blame everything on corporate greed. Not because it’s a conspiracy theory, coz it is true. It is as true as the fact that I’m a hilarious comic with way too much time on my hand because I don’t have enough work coming through. Way too much time considering how good I am. Hey corporate world, why don’t you abuse my time and overpay me instead of messing our dreams of spiderman movies and visiting the Amazon forest once in our lives. I swear I intended to at some point. Up there with finally committing to being fiscally responsible. Screw you corporates for messing it all up for me!

For the rest of you, enjoy breathing oxygen while you can. It’s only a matter of time before we will be living in a world with free wifi but paying for water and oxygen. It’s like someone has got us trapped in their clever web.

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