3 Quickest Ways to Set Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

‘I’m coming out and you better get the party started’ screamed 2020 in my nightmare. Wait, I need another 8 months to clear my 2019 goals. How did this happen? When did this happen? How did you let it happen?

If you are like me then that’s just sad. But not the point of this piece. I’m going to tell you 3 quick and easy ways to identify the New Year’s Resolutions you truly will commit to in 2020. Here we go:


1. Quick Swap

I find the easiest way is to take your 2019 goals and have a good look at them. Chances are you haven’t done any of them. I know for sure you haven’t done at least 90% of them. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be reading some random comedian’s blog to figure out how to get ahead in life. A comedian’s blog. Haha. Nope. You’ve hit rock bottom in terms of where you could have gone for advice and mentoring.

Anyway my point is, it’s all still there. Take a fresh page. Copy in the old goals. And add some pictures. We’re in the instagram age dude. Pretty it up and you are ready for 2020! Personally I like leaving in the ones that I did accomplish too. I just cross them out. That way if I get dementia this year, I’ll think that I finished something this year. Ween-ween peeeepul!


2. Quick Lookup

Google articles around New Year’s resolutions and read a few of them. And then wonder how google let you down by sending you to my page first. After that, realize that all these articles are saying the same thing over and over in different words with different pictures.

The good thing however is that they will give you some examples in their pieces – ‘I need to lose 5 kgs’, ‘I will save $5,000’, ‘I will stop daydreaming about silly things like kidnapping a rich person and actually do it for once’. You know, the usual stuff.

And they will all be built around the ideas of setting goals to the key areas in your life – Finance, Health, blah blah. Take those examples and paste them on to your list for 2020. Done!


My kinda cheat day!

3. Quick Change

If you still are stressing out about New Year’s resolutions then here’s my top solution – stop believing in the Gregorian calendar. Adopt the Chinese calendar which starts on January 25, 2020. That gives you a whole 4 weeks extra to work out what you want to do.

Interestingly, January 25 is also around the time when most people start failing at keeping their New Year’s resolutions. Instead you’ll be the person that seems freshly motivated and at it. The envy!

There you go. 3 easy ways to sort out the pending New Year’s resolution issue. I’d write more but that’s my resolution for 2020.

Of course that’s just half the work done. But remember half the work done is still some work done. Screw everyone else



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