Musharraf’s Sentencing and 4 Emotions that Arise from it

Former President of Pakistan has been sentenced to death. And with that, a nation has more mixed feelings then a biryani has ethnic landmines. Guys, I’m going to be honest and admit I don’t know what to make of this. But I’m still going to share 4 thoughts that arise from this sentencing:


1. Yay, he’s found guity. Death penalty? Woahhh

I’m not a death penalty kinda guy. OK fine vegans, I do eat animals. But they weren’t sentenced to death for treason. They were… never mind. The point is Death Penalty actually doesn’t work. We’re a nation that has had their backsides hammered with chapals and yet turned out like this. Violence works as much as teachers in government schools do during their actual work hours.

Symbolically it’s amazing that we have sentenced a guilty person even if they belong to the army. That’s like Mcdonald’s admitting their big mac is the cause for obesity. Would never have bet on it. But this is Pakistan and I fear we might actually go beyond symbolic moves. Of course my fellow Pakistani friends are confused as well. If I had a rupee for every time one of them said ‘I am usually against the death penalty but this is an exception’, I’d have enough to buy a car or maybe even a tomato!


2. The internal battles in our politics

Honestly, I’m embarrassed by it. If there are some who are happy about it, just remember there will come a time when the tables will be turned. Remember, your neighboring aunty is always on the lookout to snitch on you and get you in trouble with your parents because she wants the neighborhood to forget that her own kid was called out for lying about being mugged and setting up a gofund me campaign which netted him enough money to attend a University in the US but instead spent it on Apple Sidra. My point is, it never ends.

Politics of division needs to end. How we treat our ex leaders is rather unique. Kinda like how I treated my Huawei phone with respect until I could afford an Iphone. Then I didn’t even want to waste my spit on it, forgetting all the good times we had together.


3. Oversimplification of our problems

Pakistanis are hell bent on painting everything black or white. It’s not how the world works. OK sure, I wasn’t a fan of the tricky algebra problems I was asked to solve in school. If X is having an existential issue, it can go find itself on it’s own time. I’m not a private investigator for God’s sake!

So we keep looking at our history and wanting to make one person, one event, one moment in it that is the reason for where we are. No people, this was a collective train wreck. Remember some great minds got together and decided making another Terminator movie in 2019 was a good idea.


4. What next?

And, as is the internet law, I must add that I’m not defending Musharraf or what he has done. I’m wondering more about our responses and how to move ahead. Have you ever been at a crossroad and unsure of which road to take to get to your destination and your wife is bugging you to use google maps instead but you’ve secretly used up all your internet data on watching silly youtube videos and can’t bear to tell her because she will lecture you on how you should have been finishing up the important chore of registering your kid for nursery instead? Yeh neither have I of course.

But I hope that we heal and move forward.  Become a progressive nation and stop resembling a bunch of kids playing gully cricket who are stuck in petty fights and squabbles, forgetting the joy for which we had decided to play cricket in the first place.

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