Dubai’s Online Supermarket Options

Shopping Online Groceries UAE

I’ve watched a lot of end of the world movies and none of them showed me the truth. Human being’s first move will be to shop for toilet rolls. Wow. Did NOT see that coming!

Nevertheless, the coronavirus situation has people spooked and so piling up stocks of everything is a thing now. But in case you didn’t get the memo on ‘Stay the hell away from each other’, please consider shopping online instead of barging into large hypermarkets like it’s the hottest club in town. Over the last year or so, a number of options have come up in Dubai (and UAE) to shop online for your groceries. Here they are with all their pros and cons.


Union CoOp

Supermarket Dubai Union Coop


Low prices, good deals and a decent range of brand options for most essentials (some international hi-end brands won’t be available). The logo and feel of the website might remind you of the 90s but other than that it’s a decent experience (it’s like the internet explorer of the browsers). My personal experience has been good in terms of the actual delivery – least nonsense / fuss amongst the deliveries. But same day is pretty tricky. Could not find a minimum deliver amount so assuming it’s free.

You can sign up for their Tamayaz Loyalty card (app exists!). I don’t know if it accumulates points which can be used like other apps but it does give you special prices online for certain products – so basically saves money!

Shop here for Union Coop



online supermarket dubai bulkwhiz


Bit of an unknown – I’m not even sure who operates it?! But it does have some great deals specially, as the name implies, you buy in bulk. Their customer service seemed pretty good too. When I faced an issue they immediately messaged and called to sort things out which in this part of the world seemed the equivalent of giving me a one hour spa treatment. Does not stipulate an amount for free delivery as far I could tell. The site is very simple and easy to navigate. 

Fairly easy to use and clean website. No loyalty card as far I can tell. Check out the shop here BulkWhiz


Lulu Hypermarket

Online Grocery Store Dubai Lulu


Extensive, overwhelming website almost as if they want to give you the same feeling that you get when you walk into their stores. Not so sure about their prices being lower than others anymore. They do have a section called ‘Grocery Offers’ but you have to navigate a bit to find it. Overall, you’ll find most products and brands here so worth it – on par with Carrefour etc. Orders above AED 100 are free.

No loyalty card / app as far as I know or can see. Shop at Lulu



Online supermarket carrefour dubai


Probably the best website around. Like Lulu, they might have a bit too much but it seems less cluttered and easier to use in general. Finding offers is easy. The online site has more offers than in-store I believe. And the loyalty app ‘Share’ is now usable for all of MAF shopping – including other stores in Mall of Emirates etc. Just remember other invoices have to be 100dhs plus to be eligible – something I wasn’t told earlier. 

I’ve personally had a couple of bad experiences with their customer service which is a big let down. Delivery has been delayed a couple of times too. Delivery is free for shopping above AED 50. So it’s been a mixed experience for me! Buy from Carrefour



Online instashop dubai


A collection of all your corner stores and small supermarkets – great for convenience and getting stuff within the hour usually. But the convenience comes with much higher prices in general. Really good with following up on products that are unavailable to update you and give you substitute options. Generally customer service is very good!

No loyalty program. Delivery is charged regardless of amount. Get your shopping here from instashop


All the above stores have sent out messages concerning the safety precautions they’ve put in place to ensure our products come in safe and clean so let’s try this instead of risking large crowd gatherings. That’s it guys – shop safely at some of Dubai’s online Supermarket options. 


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