Chasing those goals

If someone asks you to chase your dreams, here is what you need to do. Turn around and run as fast as you can. Run like the wind. Scrap that. Run like you’re being forced to listen to Elon Musk launching some new crap. Because what they don’t tell you is the toll it takes on you.

Nope, instead you will be told story after story about someone who became rich, or famous, or both. Let that inspire you. You too can become everything you ever wanted to be and achieve everything you set out to do. Except you won’t.

Oh Salman, you are so negative. No. Just realistic. Setting your expectations right. For every superstar actor, there are thousands who came nowhere near to even getting a decent role in a shitty play that was put on in a room with rickety seats. For every rich business owner, there are many who burned their fingers whilst playing the entrepreneur role. Apparently YOUR mom’s chicken recipe doesn’t require buckets to be sold in because ain’t nobody buying it.

Chasing your dreams doesn’t mean the world will break into a synchronized dance and everyone will step forward to help you along your way. Others don’t give a rat’s ass. Some of them want to shove rats in your way so that the rat can gnaw away at your dreams. People are sick.

Instead there will be sleepless nights and lots of hard work. You drop the 9 to 5 and realize it’s now 24-7. People will go away on paid holidays. You might end up house sitting their dog so that you can pay the electricity bill.

The term gets it right somewhat. Chase your dreams. Chase them like a dog chasing its tail. Chase. Sounds pathetic. Thou will degrade thyself whilst they chaseth their hopes and desires.

So here’s the thing. Go in with your eyes wide open. Be ready for whatever outcome happens. Things are going to be hard. Bad. Painful. You will cry. And after all that hurt your success is never guaranteed.

All this is not to say that you shouldn’t ever go for what you want. The dreamers can’t help it. Every heartbeat makes them want to get up and get going. Just make sure you are clear on what you want. Make the chase worth it.


  • Penny Mackenzie


    I am not getting out of bed. Goal achieved .

    • salmanzq


      And I bet there are people wanting to spoil your sleep!

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