Bio of Salman Qureshi (I wrote this myself!)

I was born to loving parents in an urbanized part of a desert in the Middle East. Their love was shared between 5 siblings who get along surprisingly well considering we never had a team building day conducted for us.

My mom often told me she wanted me to be a doctor but it took me a while to figure out she wasn’t joking and by then it was too late.

I did stints in HR in the banking as well as the oil&gas industry, mostly in the Learning and Development side of things (do you get the first joke now?)

Now I perform Stand Up Comedy and Improvisational Theater based out of Dubai. I perform a few hundred shows a year and I enjoy the constant swinging between successful and failed performances.

I’ve done a one hour special called the Expat Survival Guide and am currently honing my next hour.

There are two podcasts called Expat Brat and Dubai Dad on which I blabber on about life and my insights.

Sometimes I make sketch videos on my Youtube channels and act in brand videos when they hire me for some odd reason.

That’s me – enjoy the ride!

Improv Comedy Dubai

Salman Qureshi Stand Up Comedy