3 Shows from the 80s we want to see on Netflix


It’s the age of nostalgia friends. And I’m feeling left out because you all haven’t asked me what I really want reinvented. Well, thanks to the power of the internet, I can shove it down your throats. Read below 3 shows from the 80s that would be guaranteed hits today. Netflix, are you listening? You’ll thank me later when you make money of these revamped shows. Send me a cheque. Please. What was I saying? Ok, yes, here we go:


Bionic Six

This American-Japanese animated series revolves around a family of six who have enhanced abilities (each one with a different power) through … bionics.

It has it all – a villain named Dr Scarab and henchmen that include the likes of guys named ‘Glove’ coz he wears a glove, Chopper coz he uses a chopper, Mechanic coz he’s a mechanic, you get the drift. Add to that the multiracial family that is the center of this show and gender fair distribution of roles and you’ve got something the PC brigade will be fine with too. Fine. Not happy. They’ll find something to complain about. This was an awesome show. Sing along to their super cool intro:


My Secret Identity

In this Canadian TV series, a teenage kid is hit by a photon beam and gains superpowers. I’m telling you guys man, these shows made me want to learn about science. Bionics, photon beams, daym!

This was a fun show. Plenty of opportunity for comedy too. In the original when Andrew (the kid with the powers) starts floating in the air, he doesn’t know how to control it. Then he works out that using Deo spray helps him in moving to whichever direction he wants. Do you know how much I got into Deodrant because of this show? You all can thank this show for the bed of sweet aroma that is my armpits. Never mind what all that spray probably did to my throat, asthma etc. It was worth it!

Check out the catch opening. Careful, you’ll be singing ‘You’ll never guess my secret identity’ in no time.



The theme of this show man. It’s as kickass as Knightrider, if not better. Yes I said it. It might be better. That’s enough reason to recreate this show! Check it out here:


I’ll end with this readers. I’ve enriched your lives. But I don’t need you to thank me. Just share this so hopefully Netflix actually does it. Thank you!

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