Photography and fighting depression

Photography! #WorldPhotographyDay It was one of the tools that I used when I was going through a very down period (depressed AF). Basically I started taking pictures from different angles along the usual ways I’d walk – no intention to put on social media and get likes or whatever. The whole premise was to find a picture of things I saw everyday but from an alternative viewpoint. Doing that was easy –  the simplest way was changing the height from which I was taking the photos. I might have looked a bit odd if people had noticed but those were thoughts I pushed away (and also maybe avoided crowded areas

and times).

The whole thing was entirely for myself. I wasn’t trying to be the best at something or earn money from it. And maybe that’s why it became personal and meaningful. It forced me to get out of my head and be present in the moment.

It wasn’t the only thing I did but was up there with what worked for me. Try it. You carry a camera with you all the time now. If you are really struggling for ideas, try coffee, flowers, or even telling a story through the pics.

Let me know how it goes. I feel it makes you be more mindful and aware of what’s around you. Have a great #WorldPhotographyDay2019

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