Filming our Comedy Specials

It’s a dream for any stand up comic to have their act picked up and requested to be shot for TV. And in the past, I’ve had two close opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, things fell apart last minute. A couple of nights ago, I finally had it filmed properly and barring any catastrophe, it looks to be set to release in October on a popular regional TV channel and man it feels great! It also feels more important, not just for my own career but for the comedy industry in this part of the world. I know that should this be successful, it will open doors for other comics as well more willingness to bet on our talents for more things. So no pressure. Yikes!

I’ve got a lot to thank for in my comedy career. While my path has been anything but rosy, I have had some great opportunities and moments which many others have failed to come close to receiving. And while self belief is important, I have seen plenty of other talented and as funny comics failing to get an iota of the love I’m managed to garner.

Early on I realized there is no magical moment. Success is a series of good work one after another. And so, while this new achievement is amongst the top things I’ve had the chance to do, I also know there is a long way to go to what I want to eventually. But until then, thank you all for the support. I’m very super bloody lucky to have shot this alongside my good friends Osman Rohail, Miqdaad Dohadwala and Rushdi Rafeek. And while I sorely missed my friend Manju, who was supposed to shoot this along with us, I know he is looking down and wishing us the best.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys when you watch it!


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